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Are you a Microsoft® Office™ user or perhaps looking for a faster, more secure email solution than your current provider? As Microsoft® Partners, we can now provide our customers with premium subscription rates on Office365™, Exchange Email Accounts.


If you’re thinking of signing up for Office365™ or a Microsoft® Exchange Email Account, and would like to benefit from the tried and true front-line support from Alchemy Imageworks AND full complement of Microsoft® support services, all for less than standard rates, then please give us a call. If you run into problems, we handle the phone calls, the hold times and the technical support side. Quick and easy set-up in just a few minutes. Call today!


Telephone: 780-571-2200 or Toll-Free 1-855-571-2200 to get started, or select one of the options below to reserve your account today!


We’re Part of the Microsoft® Partner Program!

Alchemy Imageworks offers an entirely professional and rapidly-responding first-line of support and remote assistance options for businesses and individuals alike. It is extremely beneficial for businesses, both locally and abroad, since Alchemy Imageworks is a non-technical (but technically savvy) human alternative to the often internationally outsourced Microsoft® direct support. Customers will still have access to this standard line of support, but instead of having to sit on hold with support and sift through technical jargon trying to find a solution, we do that for the customer, or we execute known solutions rapidly for clients without the need for Microsoft® support intervention.


That’s right. Twice the level of support, for less cost. Win/Win.

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Select your preferred package and place your order! One of our digital alchemists will set your account up within minutes and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the absolute best of everything Microsoft® Office 365 details.

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We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to call any time Alchemy Imageworks: Toll-Free in Canada 1-855-571-2200 Edmonton: 780-571-2200 Cellular: 780-983-6051


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