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Casino World Magazine

The Project

Casino World Magazine is one of the leading sources of poker, casino and gaming lifestyle news on the internet. The magazine itself made massive waves in the industry, being selected as the official Magazine of the World Series of Poker and debuting with CEO Mich Garber on the cover, manager of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and owner of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil . Other covers included such renowned individuals such as WSOP Champion Daniel Negreanu and magician Criss Angel. The website itself needed to match the visual and informational wealth the magazine contained, and it needed to possess the capability and capacity to grow with the magazines rapidly increasing subscriber base. We developed a custom content management solution that incorporated all of those things and more. The result; an attractive, streamlined online magazine with robust advertising capabilities, a natural information flow, rapid content delivery and the ability for the staff at Casino World Magazine to manage the majority of changes in-house.

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UPDATE (May 2017): The site has since moved on to other web-developer hands, and has been scaled down significantly with company restructuring and reduced its original content streams. Our originally-developed site has not been live since early 2017. The internet is a vast and ever-changing landscape of technological evolution and it is not uncommon for the needs of the site to exceed the abilities of business to keep up with the content demand. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful ship while it sailed the internet seas.

Website Strategy

Magazine Website Design

A ‘wow-factor’ facing page, gorgeous imagery, powerful headlines, and clear, legible body text are important. As a matter-of-fact, clear body text or body copy is probably the most important feature of a magazine website page element. In terms of content delivery, ensuring that CWM staff retained the ability to get their information online rapidly was paramount to the website development strategy, knowing that audiences have shorter attention spans and a greater overall thirst for new and interesting knowledge due to the prolific nature of the internet. Publishing in today’s world is fast-paced and dynamic, and CWM needed a highly-responsive magazine website to match.


Casino World Magazine


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