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Dinosaur Valley Studios

The Project

Dinosaur Valley Studios is an incredible base of operations located in some of the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen. DVS provides experienced skeletal reconstruction, prop design, manufacturing & molding, as well as exceptional services in set design & construction. They also have a plethora of movie shoot locations with a short distance, fully-equipped studio facilities and prop workshops, as well as a host of other amenities to service the film and television industries during productions. We were given tons of initial creative inspiration and exceptional hospitality on our tour with legendary paleontologist Frank Hadfield and office manager/prop-maker Samantha Campbell, and we brought that inspiration home. Blended paleontology imagery, sharp contrasting colours and beautiful professional photography wielded by our expert web designers to produce a web presence entirely indicative of the very cool and creative nature that is Dinosaur Valley Studios. It’s very attractive to a broader demographic while still retaining professionalism and niche-focus. If you happen to be in the East Coulee or Drumheller, Alberta area and would like a tour of this amazing workshop of wonders, give them a call or visit the website, you’ll be amazed at the scope and beauty of the surrounding ‘Lands that time forgot’.

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Frank Hadfield
East Coulee, AB
Movie Studio Prop-Builder

Website Strategy

Attractive, Informative and Professional Website

The Dinosaur Valley Studios website was an absolute pleasure to work on, packed with powerful features and graphically-rich. The website needed to convey a modern, clean and professional image while delivering the necessary service information, but it also needed to properly showcase the diverse landscapes available to movie and television productions in an appealing way. We also used a WordPress content management system to provide Frank and Samantha an easy and efficient way to edit their website content, especially given the many new and exciting things happening all the time at Dinosaur Valley Studios.


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