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HD&D Excavating

The Project

Based in Strathcona County, HD&D Excavating provides an extensive array of excavation, snow removal, landscaping, transportation services, and more. Decades of experience coupled with top-quality results and world-class professionalism have led this family-owned business from humble beginnings to a household name in commercial and residential excavation services. HD&D Excavating hired Alchemy Imageworks to provide a modern, clean and clear delivery of their brand identity and service catalogue to a large target demographic ranging from residential homeowners to large-scale commercial interests.

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Harvey Jones
Sherwood Park

Website Strategy

HD&D Excavating are understandably proud of the quality of their work, and the wide variety of past project images used in the website design show it. With so many fine examples, the website needed to have all that data streamlined using a content delivery service. Fortunately for the client, the WordPress content management system utilized by our experienced team as the website foundation enabled an easy and extremely effective plug-in solution for image management and data compression. The data compression, combined with a content delivery service ensures that the website builds swiftly for viewers and the navigational experience stays uninterrupted.


Captcha form security and spam filtration features through custom solutions or trusted plug-in solutions such as WordFence for content management systems are very effective ways of ensuring spam-bots and hackers don’t abuse your website. Interested in better security for your website? Contact our experts today.

Probably one of the most often implemented methods of contact on a website, Google maps integration with your content management website is an excellent way to provide users with a clear location, and the powerful features of Google Maps. Zooming, dragging, informational features and more can be enabled as well with the overall effect giving users a further level of control and interaction with your website.

Keeping a video-heavy or graphically-intense website moving at speeds acceptable to today’s quick attention span can often be problematic. Our team utilizes the best technology in data compression and content-delivery services with MaxCDN (https://www.maxcdn.com) to ensure website content display is smooth, and that downloads and other file resources reach their destinations efficiently. This can mean the difference between a customer getting what they need quickly, and a customer getting frustrated and leaving your website for the competition.

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