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H&S Jones Construction

The Project

The professionalism, experience and talent behind H&S Jones Construction cannot be overstated. Responsible for building some of the most beautiful homes in Canada, they needed a website to showcase their incredibly gorgeous past projects. They also needed to provide potential clients with all of the necessary information and examples to make a qualified decision on their next residential or commercial construction project before they even pick up the telephone or send an email.

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Harvey Jones
Sherwood Park

Website Strategy

H&S Jones Construction Website Design

Our team worked closely with Erin Berubé and H&S Jones’ Team to ensure a beautiful and accurate end-result. Erin and her team provided a clear set of requests and contextual information, properly-named images of adequate size and resolution, and other assets right up front. One of the most important factors in efficient and accurate website development is initial planning and content delivery prior to construction. Quite like building a high-quality home, a website’s foundation is integral to the strength of the end-result and a powerful and adaptable WordPress content management system provided an excellent base. Now, Erin and the marketing staff at H&S Jones have the capability to maintain and grow the website with the business through the intuitive WordPress administration interface.


While a fairly commonplace item, implementing a photo or image gallery on a website is a great way to provide a level of interactivity and enhanced user experience. Showcase products, ideas or portfolios on your content management website in a visually appealing way using custom website development solutions or third-party plug-in options. Literally thousands of configurations already exist for image galleries and custom solutions are available for that ‘just right’ presentation.

Parallax website backgrounds are graphical images placed in web pages and coded in such a way as to move across the users view or ‘camera angle’ slower than foreground images to produce an illusion of depth in a 2-dimensional scene. The effect adds a sense of immersion and affords additional creative opportunities for website designers and website developers to flex their creative muscles through creative application to the design strategy. Looking to add some ‘eye-candy’ to your website? Contact us today!

Captcha form security and spam filtration features through custom solutions or trusted plug-in solutions such as WordFence for content management systems are very effective ways of ensuring spam-bots and hackers don’t abuse your website. Interested in better security for your website? Contact our experts today.

Probably one of the most often implemented methods of contact on a website, Google maps integration with your content management website is an excellent way to provide users with a clear location, and the powerful features of Google Maps. Zooming, dragging, informational features and more can be enabled as well with the overall effect giving users a further level of control and interaction with your website.

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