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Ramma Foundation Repair

The Project

If you’re looking for some of the most reliable, hard-working and professionals in the foundation repair business, then look no further. Quality hand-dug foundation repair from a true craftsman with an appreciation for the importance of reputation and your bottom line. Owner Frank Ammar hired Alchemy Imageworks to build a mobile responsive website to showcase his professional foundation repair services and to let prospective clients know that Ramma Foundation Repair does more than just repair foundations, they also expert weeping tile repair, eavestrough cleaning and snow removal when the weather requires. Our team put together a WordPress content management system that allows Frank and his team to ‘switch’ their website to different themes between seasons to maximize niche focus and search engine optimization for each respective service.


Frank Ammar
Foundation Repair

Website Strategy

Website Duality / The ‘Janus’ Scenario

Sometimes a website’s primary niche focus is actually two, or even more independent components, each in need of their own search engine optimization, appearance and content. In this particular case, our team managed this challenge by essentially creating two sets of website content to be visible on cue from an administrator, or at automated and seasonally-timed intervals depending on the availability of Ramma Foundation Repair’s availability to implement those changes. With a powerful WordPress content management foundation, it’s easy for Frank and his team, or for our team to make the changes in relatively short order so when the leaves fall, or the first snowflake hits the ground, their website can outmaneuver the competition by further enforcing specific niche marketing on a moments notice.


Parallax website backgrounds are graphical images placed in web pages and coded in such a way as to move across the users view or ‘camera angle’ slower than foreground images to produce an illusion of depth in a 2-dimensional scene. The effect as seen in the Ramma Foundation Repair showcase adds a sense of immersion for the audience, and affords additional creative opportunities for website designers and website developers to flex their creative muscles through creative application to the design strategy. Looking to add some ‘eye-candy’ to your website? Contact us today!

Any musician will want to make tour dates one of the most prominent and easy-to-navigate features of a live entertainment website design. There are a variety of custom tour date layouts and informational displays for both custom HTML web design and CMS website development.

Whether it’s Mailchimp website integration, Constant Contact, or a custom HTML solution, newsletter delivery to subscribed customers and audience members can be an excellent way to gauge opinion or reaction, to deliver exclusive offers or introduce new material, and to gain an increased social media following through proper application of social links within a newsletter design? Interested in integrating a newsletter feature in your website? Contact us.

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