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Rand Photography

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Famed portrait, landscape and nature photographer Rand Stevens travels the world to capture moments in time. In his own words:

“Like music, it just moves you. This ignition for photography hasn’t always been there – more of a process and continuous ongoing discovery. Like any passion there is an ebb and flow and similar to the Velveteen Rabbit, it’s taken a long time to feel real within me. Now it has given me an evolving view and reservoir of energy. Though my technical skills have improved it’ s peculiar because that is the least important aspect of photography. May my freedom and awareness come into focus through my camera lens:  to realize without evaluating and see the rose and lily.

Never pretend –  their beauty is that it is what it is.”

We couldn’t have possibly said it better. Stop by the beautiful and feature-rich website we built to check out some of the amazing images Rand captures.

Website: randphotography.ca

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