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Simona Schaefer won a bicycle on a ticket supporting the Hospital foundation, but due to her concerns about cycling safety living next to Gateway Blvd, she didn’t know where to ride it. After a year sitting in her apartment, ashamed that she had not utilized it, she sold it, brand new, not even rode once. She started to dream about what it would be like to ride a bicycle on open water. It would eliminate all her anxiety about urban cycling. The total freedom from traffic hazards just a meter away and all that she had experienced from distracted, aggressive drivers and inhalation of vehicle exhaust was just a fantasy – until now.

Schaefer Innovation’s mission is to expand the pleasure of cycling for fun and fitness, while also improving health – through reduced pollution inhalation and safety through elimination of road and trail hazards. They bring a new dimension to riding your bicycle, to open up travel opportunities that were unimaginable just a short time ago.

Website: https://schaeferinnovation.com

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