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The Project

Entrepreneur Tim Loughran is bringing a unique level of creative intensity and visual magic to the clothing business with his line of Space-Monkey custom branded t-shirts, hats and other apparel. Our team blended Tim’s vision and direction with a powerful and adaptable WordPress content management system and e-commerce plug-ins to give Tim the power to control his own updates and inventory, website changes and brand identity. Now he has the capability to change the website to accommodate his ever-changing and evolving line of very cool and comfortable clothing.

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Tim Loughran
Spruce Grove

Website Strategy

Building an e-commerce website is only half the battle. Getting customers to your website, providing them an informative and intuitive shopping experience, and offering a check-out process that doesn’t send prospective clients running are next in line of importance. E-commerce website development requires a lot of time, effort, and usually a greater expense, but with a knowledgeable team applying experience and proper techniques, a good e-commerce website can encourage sales, customer conversion and loyalty. Utilizing the latest content management system architecture and e-commerce plug-in solutions we locked onto a winning combination of informative and functional, with a CMS website back-end that lets Tim Loughran and his stalwart team of clothing engineers update and manage website changes as they need them. This can be especially important for clothing websites where stock sales, promotional items, and an ever-evolving product line can prove a daunting and expensive ordeal in a standard HTML website. Instead of hiring out for changes, Tim spent an hour training with our experts on how to utilize the administrative back-end and is now well-equipped to both make changes, and save money on website development where minor site adjustments are concerned.


Space Monkey used the opportunity for additional graphic design elements to entertain the eye and impress upon the audience the brand identity, using design to match the business itself; fun, beautifully-coloured with a hint of childlike-wonder, and attractive to the target demographic of parents with young children. If your interested in some professional graphic design services for your next website design project, please contact us any time.

Parallax website backgrounds are graphical images placed in web pages and coded in such a way as to move across the users view or ‘camera angle’ slower than foreground images to produce an illusion of depth in a 2-dimensional scene. Also referred to as ‘asymmetrical scrolling, the effect adds a sense of immersion and affords additional creative opportunities for website designers and website developers to flex their creative muscles through creative application to the design strategy. Looking to add some parallax effects or other ‘eye-candy’ to your website? Contact us today!

WooCommerce, OpenCart and other third-party plug-in e-commerce solutions are an effective way to deliver powerful and intuitive shopping experience without the significant cost associated with completely custom e-commerce website development. While the customization of these third-party solutions is often fraught with difficulty, our experienced and talented e-commerce website development team can often make swift work of plug-in modification to meet specific needs. If you’re interested in implementing an e-commerce website solution with your content management system website, contact us any time. We can help.

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