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Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants

The Project

The noble and highly adept individuals at WRRC turn recycling and waste-to-energy conversion into options for profitable, closed-loop resources for businesses across the globe, with expert consultation and environmental expertise backed by decades of experience. The Waste Reduction & Recycling Consultants are an forward-thinking consultancy service, and they required a forward-thinking website, to begin with limited initial content but room to grow with a company experiencing a great deal of client and investor interest. Always happy to help, our team stepped in to build a small but powerful mobile-responsive website with extra design elements to really capture the eye and accurately convey the feel of the company mission. Best of all, it’s built around the popular WordPress CMS platform, so not only is website growth going to be natural and painless, but WRRC’s own in-house team of media specialists can work with the website back-end to update on an as-needed basis, and with limited initial training.

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Website Strategy

Consultant Website Design – The Approach

Heavy amounts of website content can be important in terms of how informational a website is, and how search-relevant it is, but more often it’s more important to get website visitors through an immediate, brief and very clear understanding of the message or mission, and on to picking up the phone or purchasing a product. Applications for green- / waste-to-energy technology, revenue stream analysis, environmental consultancy, product and technology marketing and niche market business networking are always case-specific, and it’s better to connect potential clients with an actual market-savvy professional to better explain the potential for their unique situation. With that in mind, our team kept WRRCI social media links and other contact information prominently featured on every page. If you’re interested in eco- or consultant website design for your business, please feel free to reach out.


Sometimes less is more, and a one-page website design can take an audience on a journey through a service or product process, make a concept easier to understand, and ultimately guide users through learning about a company straight through to the contact information or other call to action. Want to learn more about single-page website development? Click here.

While many websites lean on relatively bland, albeit clean and easy to navigate visual layout, clients like WRRC use the opportunity for graphic design to draw attention to the underlying message of their business and their brand; go green. emphasis on the colour green, and the natural and strikingly beautiful landscapes of Canada they are trying so hard to protect. If your interested in some professional design services for your next website design project, please contact us any time.

Whether it’s Mailchimp website integration, Constant Contact, or a custom HTML solution, newsletter delivery to subscribed customers and audience members can be an excellent way to gauge opinion or reaction, to deliver exclusive offers or introduce new material, and to gain an increased social media following through proper application of social links within a newsletter design? Interested in integrating a newsletter feature in your website? Contact us.

In today’s technology marketplace, data is worth more than gold. Development and proper maintenance of an active business directory within a website can be more than just a good idea, it can be a game-changer, thrusting your website into the excellent position of being a go-to source of information. More people coming back to- and actively referring to- your website as a relevant source of accurate and updated contact information for any market. It gives people a reason to come back, and like with all fresh and original content, improves your organic SEO over time by providing additional keyword-rich original content to index. Interested in integrating a business directory into your existing website? We can help! Click here.

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