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Annual Service Packages

Flexible & Affordable

Piece Of Mind

Powerful & Flexible Digital Service & Support Packages

For clients who prefer retained service options, our variable block service & support packages offers businesses of all sizes powerful flexibility and extremely competitive discounts. Instead of billing by the hour at our regular support, digital design, and web development rates, we provide annual package options with dynamic design and marketing support options and certified technologists to cover all your business requirements. Bankable and transferable blocks of hours at reduced rates to save you time and money while equipping your business with year-round world-class operational support.


Bankable & Transferable Hours: Hours not scheduled within a given month are carried over, or rather banked month after month, although we can at your request, provide free suggestions on how hours can be utilized on a monthly basis with amazing effect. Contracted hours are also transferable at equal value (1:1) to graphic design hours and website development hours. This way, if service hours are not consumed, constructive and marketable time can be applied in developing new graphic content such as flyers, cards or providing valuable website content updates to your current online presence.

Service Package Consultant

Applicable I.T. / Technical Support Services Include

  • Weekly scheduled remote scans of office computer systems
  • Systems forensics and reporting on a per-system basis
  • Scheduled monthly on-site scans of office computers
  • Virus Removal and System Cleanups
  • Remote Technical Assistance (Splashtop or TeamViewer)
  • Local Network Checkup and Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Network Checkup and Troubleshooting
  • Mobile Device Checkup (available on-site mobile devices)
  • Computer hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting and installation
  • Peripheral device diagnostics, troubleshooting and installation

Available Local Business Subscriptions

Service 40

  • 40 Hours Service & Support
  • 4 x Trip Fees Included – 65km Range
  • Save 8% on service and support hours
  • Save 8% on Overtime Hours
  • Peace of mind for small business
  • Save Over $396!
  • Download PDF

Service 120

  • 120 Hours Service & Support
  • 16 x Trip Fees Included – 65km Range
  • Save 12% on service and support hours
  • Save 10% on Overtime Hours
  • Perfect for frequent local on-site or
    remote support requirements.
  • Save Over $1713!
  • Download PDF
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