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Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Web Design

One Site To Rule Them All

We live in a world where our websites are being visited by different people using different devices with an ever-changing variety of screen sizes, and in-fact, many of the same customers are returning to websites using different devices at any given time. This means that in order to support the best possible customer experience, a website must perform exceptionally, regardless of the device being used.

While most websites will work just fine on a mobile phone or tablet, the “pinch and zoom” method is a terrible user experience that often results in important information being missed, or in viewers getting annoyed with the difficulty in interaction and leaving a website quickly.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design allows a website’s visual layout and content flow to adjust to best fit the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. For example, a wide screen display can display a website design with multiple columns of content while a smaller screen, such as that of a smartphone or tablet can have the same content represented in a single column with text, links and images that are sized appropriate to that smaller display. Non-responsive websites typically just shrink content proportionally, while responsive websites detect the width of the device and organizes elements on the page according to available space, which in turn creates a far better user experience.

Do You Need A Mobile-Responsive Website?

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