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B2B Trade Proposals

Cash Not Possible?

Consider B2B Trade

For some businesses suffering with lower sales or customer conversion rates, trying to afford the help they need to succeed may be difficult. That’s why we consider business-to-business trade offers to exchange goods or services for our own professional media, I.T. support and marketing services.

If you or your new business are in need of professional website development, graphic design, hosting or any number of digital marketing consultation and strategy services, but you don’t have the cash budget to get things done with ‘the other guys’, well, you might be in luck. It just so happens that we are a full-service multi-media marketing company specializing in website design & development, graphic design, and information technology support services, and we’re one of the few businesses that still considers B2B trade proposals. We specialize in helping new and small-to-medium sized businesses become more successful and in the spirit of what it means to do business we are offering our services in trade for items or services of equal value.

The deal is simple; our professional services (minus any hard-cost services such as dedicated hosting) for contra/trade in items or services of relatively equal value. If you have some stuff kickin’ around that you feel might be of some value, we’re willing to consider all serious proposals and perhaps trade for a website, logo design or any of our other professional services. We also offer the opportunity to establish a credit on trade for items or services, and then gift that credit certificate to another person like a friend or family member who needs a website or a logo more than you need your old stuff.

Material trades we’re always interested in talking about:
  • Jewelry
  • Printing (Posters, business cards, other cool stuff)
  • Furniture (New or in excellent condition)
  • Alien cadavers or recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft.
  • Signage (as in, your business is capable of constructing halo, plexi or push-through led
    signage) or can print vinyl decals for interior/exterior building and vehicle application.
  • Desktop Computers, Laptops, Peripherals
  • Quality Electronics (Excellent condition, Home Theatre, Gaming or Office)
  • Working Vehicles (Domestic, Collectors, Exotics)
  • Musical Instruments (Guitars or Electronic Systems /Amps / PA’s in particular)
  • Pinball & Cabinet Arcade Games
  • Video Games (Older and even ancient systems (Atari, Coleco, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Etc.)
  • Swords, Knives & Collectible (legal) Ancient Weaponry
  • Comic Books (Collections, Rare, GD-NM Condition)
  • Antiques & Artwork (Paintings, Sculptures, Statues, Objet d’Art)
  • Crystals, Precious Gems, Fossils
  • Cursed Artifacts (Ark of the Covenant, Mummy Sarcophogi, Soil from Derinkuyu, things
    that belong in a wooden crate in that warehouse at the end of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’)
  • Empty Shipping Containers (Delivered, B-Grade or Better Quality)
  • Figurines, Action Figures (Sideshow Collectables or similar, for eg.) and almost
    anything of geek nature that might tickle our inner nerd.
  • Abandoned Soviet-Era Space Shuttles
  • Dungeons & Dragons Books and Collectibles (old or new)
  • Microscopes, or other Science and Laboratory Equipment
  • Magazine Collections (Conan, Heavy Metal, and similar)

Don’t see the item you’re interested in trading listed here? We still might be interested. Feel free to contact us with your proposal. Do you have an item or service or a credit at your business that you would like to trade for a website design, development hosting or marketing services from Alchemy Imageworks? Give us a call, Toll-Free in Canada 1-855-571-2200 or Local Edmonton at 780-571-2200.

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