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Our team might appear small, but we pack some of the most powerful professional assets in the business. With educational backgrounds and practical experience in the fields of (take a deep breath …) art, graphic design, website development, programming, 3D and classical animation, broadcasting, marketing, video production and editing, game production, networking, computer hardware repair, sound engineering and photography (GASP!).

We’re not talking about a few months either, you’re looking at a team with a combined total of 42-years of eating, sleeping, and breathing the digital arts. We’re fully committed and absolutely in love with what we do.

Kelly Eros Edmonton Web Developer Graphic Designer


Chief Executive Officer

Company founder, programmer, systems analyst, artist, graphic designer, website developer, and computer technician with over 30 years of professional experience in a wide variety of multimedia and information technology faculties.

Alchemy Imageworks Software Engineer and Lead Developer


Enterprise Solutions Architect | Advisor

Enterprise Architect, Project Manager, and Application Developer with 14+ years of experience in design and development of business web applications and distributed systems based on .NET Platform. Having completed the Master of Science with Specialization in Computer Science: Software Engineering Science degree at the Warsaw University of Technology, Roland has a solid technical foundation from one of the European top universities. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer since 2005.

Alchemy Website Developer


Chief Technology Officer

Our Chief Technology Officer and technological Jedi Master. Armed with a keen intellect and a world of patience, Shawn’s professional skills include programming, website development, network engineering, server administration, and an unprecedented level of customer service.

Dave Warren


Graphic Designer | Web Designer

Dave is the mortar to our bricks and helps keep our fast-paced office running like a finely-tuned machine. With extensive experience in a wide variety of design services and multimedia production, Dave also brings a world of style, creativity and energy to the team.

Matthew Bryan

Office Manager | Project Manager| Web Developer

The newest member of our team, Matthew, brings over 25 years of experience. Comfortable in the full-spectrum of development, from database design and system analysis to website development, he’s no stranger to the many hats that we’ve dropped on his desk.

Alchemy Imageworks Team Member


CFO | Administration | Insight

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Administration, Finance, and Director of Insight. Carolyn brings over 20 years of customer service, marketing, business management, and financial experience to the Alchemy Imagework’s team. Quite likely the first voice you’ll hear when you call!

Digital Alchemist - Network Administration


Network Systems Administrator

Kelsey is a multi-certified systems administrator with strong experience managing server infrastructures and data-center operations across Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Digital Alchemist - Sound Engineering


Marketing | Video Production | Audio Engineering

Sam is a sound-savvy audio engineer and multi instrumentalist. He started by playing drums when he was 12 and quickly moved to guitar, piano and bass, all in conjunction with many other instruments.

Erika Moya


Team Lead – 3D Modeling & Animation

Erika is our resident 3D Modeling & Rigging Alchemist, and comes equipped with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, a passion for art and Jedi-skills in digital animation and texture design. In addition to her mastery of the creative arts, she possesses a technical affinity for coding in a variety of languages, including Python and C#.

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