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Content Management Systems

Incredible Power Lies Just Under The Surface of a CMS Website.

What is a Content Management System? (CMS)

Viewers might see an amazing website on the front-end, but even more amazing is the often complex and powerful content management system that lies below.

A content management system is a fully-integrated administration system that allows website owners to manage, edit and publish site content on an ‘as- needed’ basis. As a website grows and changes many business owners will want to make changes to a website without the assistance of a webmaster, or may wish to hand control of updating content to an internal department. A custom CMS gives you full control over the changes you want on your website, when you want them, it also provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface so people without coding experience or web design skills can easily keep your website up-to-date.

In addition to working with the leading content management platforms, we have spent years developing and streamlining our own custom CMS solution designed to remove much of the bulk and security inefficiencies of common open-source options.

Alchemy CMS is specifically tailored to the business requirements by building on a strong core foundation with add-ons and plugins that are adaptable, customizable and can grow with your website as your business does.

Not All CMS’s Are Alike…

There Are Different Types Of Content Management Systems


In fact, there are several different options, including several prepackaged open-source solutions such as Drupal, Joomla! and we certainly work with them where clients specifically request such options. However, many of these common systems can become targets for hackers or other malicious systems. Our own custom content management system, Alchemy CMS, is built from the ground up ensuring not only added security but adaptable capabilities as well. A custom CMS can be streamlined for specific business requirements, and updating is relatively easy for most users.

Still interested in another platform? No problem! We’re also experts at using Jooma!, Drupal and WordPress if they happen to be the flavour you’re looking for.


Ready For Your Custom CMS Website?

We’d love to develop a powerful new content management system for your business.

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