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Core Values

Story First

Storytelling is the most powerful way to move people to action. Alchemy Imageworks is part of a creative revolution, building the iconic brands of the future though convergent transmedia. Driving the mythology, the history, the story behind every great company, large or small, to global audiences across a multitude of platforms from websites, creative graphics, compelling content creation, game development, video production, 3d animation … it all starts with a great story.

Our Core Values

It doesn’t matter whether a client is an individual with a smaller budget, a small business, or a massive corporate entity; we deliver the same exceptional level of professionalism and quality in our work, right across the board.
We know how difficult it can be to be an entrepreneur, to roll against the grain and defy every odd against you in pursuit of a dream, and so we are committed to helping business owners to not only succeed, but to do so beyond all expectations.
Equality and fairness, in both principal and production. Every step of our policies, processes and in interacting with others is done with these three things in mind, and at heart.
We encourage free, friendly and objective conversation. A comfortable dialogue is absolutely vital to establishing a strong foundation for any project.
We strongly believe in personal growth and the evolution of skills through continuous training, and in providing the knowledge gained to our clients, providing them with greater power to leverage their projects and brand forward in any way possible. We continually improve our personal progress wherever opportunity presents itself, and our professional skills as technology and methodologies change, and we’ll never stop.
Words like ‘can’t’, ‘never’, and ‘impossible’ just simply do not exist in our dictionary, and we don’t believe in them. No dream too big, no obstacle too great; only mysteries with clever solutions waiting to be discovered, or invented.
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