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Alfie Zappacosta

The Project

Alfie Zappacosta is a Juno Award and American Music Award winning singer-songwriter and a Canadian music icon. With a career spanning 4 decades and gaining momentum, Mr. Zappacosta needed a website that combined all of his available media, including Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo and others, into a responsive website design with a classy but modern-classical layout and styling indicative of the clean and smooth sound of this legendary performer. The website continues to evolve and new features like

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Alfie Zappacosta

Website Strategy

Music Artist Website – The Approach

Social media integration including Soundcloud and YouTube are the staples of a great music website or artist website. Navigable links and embedded elements like back-catalogue audio clips and past-performance media coverage, as well as links to all other available online media and additional potential website revenue streams like iTunes or Spotify are an absolute must. Don’t just connect with your audience; connect your audience. A music website design should provide fans with the ability to access all of your available publicly-accessible media, paid or otherwise, through a single central gateway in your control, with easy access to sharing functions so your potential for marketing your message and your music across a wider audience increase exponentially. We can help streamline an online music website marketing or artist branding package custom-tailored to dramatically increase exposure and audience conversion rate. Are you a musician or entertainer looking for a professional and marketable website or a strategy to succeed online with the website you have? Call us, we can help.


SoundCloud is the world’s leading socially-integrated sound platform where anyone can listen to or create sounds and share them everywhere. It’s highly advised that independent artists market their music across as many potential streams of revenue and audience engagement as possible, and Soundcloud is a great way to do that.

Any musician will want to make tour dates one of the most prominent and easy-to-navigate features of a live entertainment website design. There are a variety of custom tour date layouts and informational displays for both custom HTML web design and CMS website development.

Whether it’s Mailchimp website integration, Constant Contact, or a custom HTML solution, newsletter delivery to subscribed customers and audience members can be an excellent way to gauge opinion or reaction, to deliver exclusive offers or introduce new material, and to gain an increased social media following through proper application of social links within a newsletter design? Interested in integrating a newsletter feature in your website? Contact us.

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