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Olivia Rose

The Project

A rapidly rising young country music star with a career in music spanning over a decade (and she’s just 18 years old at the time of this writing), Olivia Rose has undergone some amazing transformations in music and vocal image, and those changes have been subsequently reflected in her public image. As part of a recent brand overhaul, Alchemy Imageworks was tasked to design a simple but powerful and easy to navigate website presence more indicative of Olivia’s more mature sound and audience.

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Olivia Rose

Website Strategy

Country Music Artist Website – The Approach

With any modern music artist website design, the emphasis is on social media integration and audience interaction. Embedded YouTube videos or video streams, updated user-editable blog design and social media feeds are absolute necessity to connect artists like Olivia Rose with her audience. Are you a musician or entertainer looking for a professional and marketable website? We can help.


SoundCloud is the world’s leading socially-integrated sound platform where anyone can listen to or create sounds and share them everywhere.

Seamlessly integrated website ticket sales and website payment processing options are an enormous asset when dealing with customer conversion. The easier it is for a customer to purchase a ticket for an event and the smoother the transaction process, the more tickets you’ll sell. Simple.

Sometimes less is more, and a one-page website design can take an audience on a journey through a service or product process, make a concept easier to understand, and ultimately guide users through learning about a company straight through to the contact information or other call to action. Want to learn more about single-page website development? Click here.

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